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Parallels between Looking Glass and Grimms Tales? Thoughts about the fawn in Through the Looking Glass

The Alice Tarot. Five of Coins. Alice with the fawn.

A recent article by Terri Windling coincided with me working on the write-up of our Five of Coins card. Charles Dodgson (the real name of Lewis Carroll) was quite a magpie when it came to collecting and using literary and social references and so once I made the connection between the scene in the “Wood where things have no name” in Through the Looking Glass, and Little Brother, Little Sister (also known as Brother and Sister), the traditional tale in Grimms’ Household Tales, I began to be sure that it’s at the very least a reasonable piece of guesswork to think that Dodgson was influenced by the tale.

Doing the research for the Alice Tarot companion book gets more and more interesting. Oh, and of course, curiouser and curiouser.


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