The Tea Party is finally done!

This was an insane amount of work but so worth doing. We had to design the costumes and have them made. Then source fabrics, china and all the other paraphernalia – we bought some of this crockery for this scene three years ago when first planning!
Then there was all the baking and cake-decorating. Then the photography itself.

Then… the actual artwork begins. This final is made up of a whole lot of photos which are assembled and redrawn to give a seamless final look.

It’s perhaps the last deck we will do in this madly time-consuming, “filmic” technique. But we do love the look.

The Ten of Cups

Following the White Rabbit. A waistcoat tale.

Alice Tarot patchwork waistcoat


Many years ago, or perhaps I should say, “Once upon a time”, I was sitting in a plane bound for San Francisco for a job interview with one of the biggest and most successful design companies in the world, invited there by the CEO, who I liked and respected. But I shouldn’t have been on that flight, and I knew it. At the time I’d just started my own design agency in London, so interviewing for a job was hardly appropriate. I’d found myself terrified by the insecurity, though, and Continue Reading →

The Bohemian Gothic Tarot third edition.

The Bohemian Gothic Tarot, third edition.

The Bohemian Gothic Tarot, third edition.

We’re currently working on The Bohemian Gothic Tarot third edition. It’s been an odd experience going back over the images in this deck as I haven’t looked at them in detail for a few months.

It’s a powerful deck, no doubt about it. Continue Reading →

We’ll be taking orders for our printed corsets from early September. We’re SO excited about these because the first ever Baba Studio project many years ago was actually corsets (we still have them, but they never did go into production back in those days). Happy to finally get there!

Memento Mori corset from Baba Studio.

Our curiously Alice and White Rabbit dolls – nearly ready to be put on the shop now.

The White Rabbit Herald doll by Baba Studio


Our Dream Within a Dream clutch in a new, darkly dramatic version.

The Alice Tarot Nine of Swords (since updated, but this is 90% final)

The Alice Tarot, Nine of Swords

‘Take care of yourself!’ screamed the White Queen, seizing Alice’s hair with both her hands. ‘Something’s going to happen!’ Continue Reading →

Mermaids clutch in satin. Based on illustrations from Rackham and Clarke.

Mermaid clutch bag with Rackham and Clarke illustrations.
Our new clutches – small version in a heavy, high-quality satin, and large version in semi-matte dupion.